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Which Tiles?

There are many different types of roof tile available including pantiles, plain roof tiles, concrete, clay, slate and even plastic.

Alpha Roofing Solutions are happy to discuss your project and make recommendations dependent upon your particular circumstances. With so many options available we want to ensure your choice compliments your building and it’s natural aesthetics.

Clay tiles for instance add a warm, Mediterranean feel and come in a range of different shapes and patterns. Maintenance costs are low and they are relatively easy to install, but they can be brittle and prone to breakage.

Concrete tiles are also low maintenance and extremely durable, however, your roof structure will need to be able to support the extra weight and may require reinforced framing.

Slate tiles of course are another very popular option as they are cost-effective and provide traditional character and charm to your building. They are also fairly durable and in most cases will last a century or more.

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